Michael Gutierrez

Michael Gutierrez

Denver, Colorado

My family lived poor, but when they went out, they slayed. My career as a designer began when I was a small child working with my uncle to select, create, and alter designs for his powerful drag personas. I saw the transformative strength of clothing as a picture of the beautiful inside. It gives power and comfort, sending a message to the world. I channel these memories and breathe impactful sophistication into every garment, layering confidence and creativity onto unconventional, undefined individuals. After leaving home to put myself through fashion school, I struggled to pay the rent and be myself. I learned and lived the business creative lifestyle; hustling to make life work, but living every moment as a celebration. We don’t have time to define life by sexuality and gender norms, we only have time to live it. My clothing asks, “Who do you want to be?”

Instagram: @saintmikey

FIT, State University of New York

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