Seohee Ruby Shin

Seoul, Korea

The first time I went to a fashion show, there was so much beauty and attraction watching these colorful garments; all the spotlights and the models inspired me. My focus and attention to details is my unique ability and my course of confidence as designer. The amount of time and effort I put into improving these two traits helps me stand out from the common. My specialization is Sportswear, since it’s what we wear every day, and there are endless possibilities to design without limitations. This gives me the freedom to be brave with my designs. My main aesthetic word is “juxtaposition,” where I’m able to bring two different worlds and have them beautifully synchronized. Based on this idea, I also articulate soft masculine, high classy sensual and exquisite craftsmanship to represent my aesthetic.


Instagram: @seohee_ruby_shin

FIT, State University of New York

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