Stephanie Zhang

Stephanie ZhangBrooklyn, New York

Every person in every industry cares about what they put on their body and how they present themselves to the world, whether it’s their most colorful, avant-garde or minimalist, neutral self. Design, for me, became an outlet to make that notion a reality not only as an artistic release, but to hopefully help others feel confident, transform their image, or be the most authentic version of themselves. I went to a very academically driven high school where the norm was to pursue business, finance, engineering, or medicine, but I always felt happiest and least stressed when I was in my sewing class. Growing up in New Jersey, living in New York City was my ultimate dream, and realizing that pursuing fashion design could be a reality for me, there was no other choice but to attend FIT. I design for those who are confident and assertive in their beliefs and who they are as individuals, and Sportswear is the most diverse and flexible specialization for me to create.

Instagram: @steph_zhang

FIT, State University of New York

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