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Megan Renee

Megan Smith began her fashion career at an early age by making clothes for her Barbie dolls. By 2007, the passion had ignited, and she made her way to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being a fashion designer. There, she quickly immersed herself in the fashion industry by working for many companies that helped her develop skills and knowledge in all categories of the fashion industry. Megan prides herself in being able to do it all, from design, sewing, to patternmaking. She proudly holds degrees in Fashion Design and Business, both of which aided her success in the industry.

After designing private labels for several major brands and retailers, she branched off and launched her own line, ‘Megan Renee.’ The response to her first runway during Los Angeles Fashion Week was so overwhelming that she began her online boutique to sell her collections to customers all over the world. After appearing on Amazon Prime’s Making the Cut fashion design competition show and receiving praise from celebrities such as Naomi Campbell the brand’s popularity grew overnight. Her designs have been featured in several publications and worn by celebrities such as Issa Rae, Becky G, and Dominique Fishback just to name a few. Megan draws her inspiration from her travels and from the strength and beauty of women. The brand’s signature is bold prints in wearable staples and coins itself as the next DVF. Like its creator, ‘Megan Renee’ embodies strength, confidence, and unapologetic femininity.

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