Finding Paradise

Little girl facing forward, wearing a nude-colored glitter dress under a beaded pink coat

Hand-beaded pink coat with slits, inspired by my illustrated artbook, "Finding Paradise"

Little girl twirling in the same pink coat and nude dress with bow hat

View of back coat slits and matching bow hat

Little girl spinning in nude-colored dress with petticoat showing

Beige glitter tulle dress with two layers of petticoat and eight layers of skirt fabric

Little girl in blue coat with fur cuffs and collar and velvet dress

Hand-dyed and hand-felted wool crepe jacket over velvet dress with bows

Back view of little girl in a blue felted jacket with fur cuffs and collar over a velvet dress

Back view of hand-felted jacket

Finding Paradise takes you on a journey of childhood curiosity filled with whimsical fantasy. It follows a little girl as she explores the mystical world she finds herself in, meeting a wonderful companion along the way. This collection is inspired by a blend of illustrations and animations that bring imagination to life.


Photographer: Lauren Zodel
Model: Emma Kim

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Stephanie She
Diamond Critics Award Winner

Stephanie She

New York, New York

Children's Wear

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