Siren Song

Side view of blonde model wearing a high-neck bralette, lace waist cincher, and flowy pants. Front view of dark-haired model wearing a seafoam-green strapless longline bustier with attached panniers.

Look 1 and Look 2 of the Siren Song collection

Brunette model faces the camera with her arms above her head, one hand holding her other forearm. She is modeling a seafoam-green longline strapless bustier with panniers at the hips and beading dangling from the seams.

Seafoam-green, iridescent liquid-organza bustier with structured panniers and delicate drop beading

Back view of model's torso. Her arms are behind her back, one hand holding her other forearm. She is wearing a seafoam-green long line bustier that laces up the back, with 70 grommets for a tight laced look. The bustier also has panniers on the sides, delicate clear beading, and sheer side panels.

Bustier features 70 grommets for a tight lacing detail. It is fully boned and has sheer side panels.

Blonde model stands looking at the camera, one hand at her waist holding the waistband of her pants. She is wearing a silver, metallic, high-neck lace bralette; and a waist cincher made of the same lace material, embellished with dangling pearls. Her sheer lounge pants are made of a gold, metallic silk fabric and are open at her waist to reveal a pair of matching lace panties. The lounge pants have an appliqued lace hem.

Bra, waist cincher, and pants made of metallic-coated silk chiffon and foiled chantilly lace

Torso of model showcasing a high-neck metallic lace bralette, lace-appliqued waist cincher with dangling pearls, and silk chiffon pants open at the hip to reveal the matching panties.

Metallic, iridescent lace hand-appliqued to chiffon waist cincher and pants. Pearl beading.

This collection is about reclaiming the word siren, ridding it of negative connotations and returning power to the woman. Throughout history and popular culture, sirens have often been depicted as monstrous creatures, stripped of autonomy and reduced to their sex. To me, a siren is a woman who embraces her sexuality and femininity while still owning her power as an independent woman, free from the confines of societal expectations, and secure within her own being.


Photographer: Carsonn Milstead
Model: Emma Kubek, Rain

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Ryan DePaolo
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Ryan DePaolo

Franklin, Massachusetts

Intimate Apparel

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