My Mind Is up in the Hair

Front view of model wearing full-length, multicolor, handknit ensemble. The look includes a sweater, a cape, and a long skirt.

Multimedia fabrics and materials: Handknitting. Synthetic-hair fringes, braided and combed.

Close-up detail of beaded, braided fringe on the hem of a slate-blue, knit cape

Braided and beaded synthetic-hair fringe

Close-up, front-view of a tri-color, floor-length, hand-knit skirt. Skirt has tiered layers and fluffy combed-hair fringe.

A long handknit skirt with lacing on the waistband, tiered layers, and fluffy combed-hair fringe

A close-up photo, showing the fluffy, brown, combed-hair trim on the skirt

Himba-inspired combed-hair fringe trims the skirt, an unexpected detail

Front-view of kneeling model show all pieces of the handknit ensemble. A slate-blue fringed cape. A red and ivory jacquard sweater. A multimedia skirt with fluffy brown fringe.

Slate-blue handknit fringed cape. Red and ivory jacquard sweater. Fringed multimedia skirt.

This collection explores various traditional African hairstyles as fashion elements. Hair holds significance for everyone. It can symbolize confidence, creativity, and depth. Many contemporary hairstyles, such as braids, cornrows, and dreadlocks, originate from Africa, where the styles can have great significance and, in some indigenous communities, are linked to protection and expressions of identity, status, and style.


Photographer: Liv Nester
Model: Cheyenne Temple

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Mai Nanao
Diamond Critics Award Winner

Mai Nanao

Kasama, Japan


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