Wilting Beauty

Closeup Front View of oversized red cashmere overcoat.

Wrapped her in an oversized red cashmere coat.

Full Front View of floor-length, red cashmere coat, open, revealing black silk strapless bodysuit.

The red cashmere coat and a black silky bodysuit is a symphony of luxury and allure.

Side view of black silky bodysuit. It is strapless and has corset-style waist boning.

The black silky bodysuit whispers secrets of seduction with every curve it caresses.

Closeup Front View of Trapunto Technique. Model wears black long-sleeve shrug jacket with collar, strapless black corset dress with red sash detail at the hip.

Balancing femininity with a touch of masculinity cover-up, like leaves sheltering delicate blooms.

Full length Front View of Black Silky Corset Dress with Chiffon Skirt and red sash hip detail.

Beauty in bloom, even in moments of wilting grace.

My collection was inspired by dead flowers. I was walking around the city and saw a lady with a basket of dried flowers that looked like they didn't have enough water and sunlight. In my mind, I started to think of the seeds in them that will grow into a new life. Looking at those flowers gave me hope and energized me to fight for the next day. I poured that same energy into this collection.


Photographer: Bochun Cheng
Model: Sierra Lang , Madeline Hedrick

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Kea Oudom Seng
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Kea Oudom Seng


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