Tied Together

Photo of a man looking off to the distance, wearing a boxy blazer made out of classic primary colored ties. He is also wearing black suiting shorts and black dress shoes with white socks. In his right hand he is holding a green and brown vintage suitcase.

Oversized blazer made of used and unused ties in 100% silk. 3-inch shoulder pads made out of foam.

Picture of a man holding the tie blazer over his left shoulder. He is wearing a white collared shirt, layered gold chains over a khaki uniform tie, and a vintage New York Yankees cap.

Unisex suiting shorts made of 100% cotton

Woman standing straight, wearing boxy blazer made out of ties. Underneath she has a white button up shirt and a maroon tie reaching below the waist. The bottom of the tie includes three dimensional-leaf shapes, hand-embroidered with different ribbons. She has gold hoops and has a brown Yankees cap on her head.

Hand-embroidered tie infused in sandalwood for an olfactory experience

Back view of woman wearing boxy tie blazer. There is a back seam that divides the ties. They line up diagonally, creating different panels. The sleeves are long and boxy, also in a diagonal pattern.

Ties sewn on bias with horsehair underneath for better support and structure

Man wearing tie blazer and black dress pants, sitting on a black chair. Woman stands, leaning over his shoulder. With her right hand she holds her black belt to show off the cotton suiting shorts. She also wears an oversized green vest over her white button up.

Sustainable and unisex garments lined with 100% silk charmeuse

Challenging the need for constant newness, my project breathes life into old ties. Transformed into a modern suit, the ties celebrate passing down items through generations. Owning and wearing a tie often marks a significant life transition, like entering adulthood or starting a new job. Through my garment I wanted to portray the fusion of tradition and progress. As I graduate from college, I honor my family journey in this country, as a first-generation American.


Photographer: Dahlia Mallebranche
Model: Alejandro Ordonez, Kathryn Chavez

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Irene Alexandra  Cubides-Morales

Irene Alexandra Cubides-Morales

Trumbull, Connecticut


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