A warm black-and-white straight shot of two models standing side by side in the woods. Model on the left wears a button-up long-sleeve shirt and balloon pants, with a bolero jacket hanging on her left shoulder. The model on the right is wearing a big dolman sleeve coat with detachable pockets on the front, overalls, and a shirt.

The full silhouettes of the two looks

A model wears a convertible coat and cream overalls with utilitarian details. He is tilting his head to his right and touching his hair, showing the left side of the coat that has been converted to a half-length jacket, showing the reverse side of the coat's brown-yellow plaid. His left arm goes through the armhole slit on the side gusset panel of the coat, holding it on his shoulder. The same plaid is used for the pocket linings on the overalls.

Reversible hand-waxed coat converted on one side. Utilitarian details on the overalls.

A model wears an oversized brown denim bolero jacket, a button-up shirt with pocket extension on the placket, and a pair of black drop crotch ninth jeans with a balloon silhouette. She is looking to her right with her left hand navigating the fold-over pocket on the pants. The pants have pouch-like knee pockets on the side with a big, curvy flap. On all three garments, a brown-yellow plaid is used for linings, facings, and cuff details.

An oversized bolero with a hood, a button-up shirt with extended placket, and ninth balloon pants.

Two models face each other. The model on the left wears the long coat, showing its side-zipped gusset panel with armhole slit inserted, detachable backpack, and a hood. The model on the right wears the hooded brown denim bolero jacket, a button-up shirt, and the jean pants with the pouch-like knee pocket with saddle-shaped flap.

Side views of both. Side-zipped gusset panel, detachable backpack, and hood on the coat.

A wide shot of two models and a dog in a grass field with a tall tree positioned in the center of the frame. The model in the distance wears a grey sleeveless button-up shirt and cream overalls and sits on the tree branch. The other model is closer to the camera, wearing a pair of black jean balloon pants and a grey long-sleeve shirt, holding a brown bolero in her hands and looking at the dog on the right side of the frame. A long coat is laid on the grass in the center of photo.

A wide shot of models without the outerwear, capturing the playfulness of the collection.

Journey is an ode to my story of navigating to the destination in life full of uncertainty, while carrying emotions and memories everywhere I go. My designs incorporate the adventurous spirit of Boy Scouts, shapes inspired by their uniforms, and size-adjustable and convertible details. The collection shows an appreciation for the effort it takes to find your way to a new or final destination.


Photographer: Duong Gia Huy
Model: Andrew Hess, Iris Griffin

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Namwoo Kim
Diamond Critics Award Winner

Namwoo Kim



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