Neuro Grasp: the Abyss

Only lapel back spine leather jacket, wire shorts, fabric scrap leather cap, organza veil, and spray-foam heels

Only lapel leather detachable back spine armor jacket. Abandoned bicycle chain shorts.

Wax pants, wire shorts as a bag, fabric scrap leather cap

Recycled boots, rubber and leather scarps. Protruding trim shows mental pain, like opening a scar.

 Recycled kneepads and leather bra top, wax pants, SHYE hair accessory

Recycled kneepads with stretch neck. Transparent, heavy wax fabric like a human body frame (skin).

Only lapel back spine leather jacket, wax pants, black spray-foam mask, spray-foam boots

Wax and organza fabric, recycled pads, leather strap and pocket, adjustable velcro closure and fly

Reversed bra top, wax boning stretch mesh dress, waistband on the knee

Mesh dress covers face, velcro closure and zipper allow for styling options

The collection is about the broken self and apotheosis, exploring the mental pain and agony that happens when a person goes through a transitional period. Paradoxical aspects of the silhouettes and patterns suggest the contradiction between desiring to become godlike and seeking to remain grounded. Heavy, grotesque texture juxtaposed with delicate fabrication symbolizes the fragile human container (skin).


Photographer: Max Durante
Model: Serenity, Woosik Kim

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Sunghye Park
Diamond Critics Award Winner

Sunghye Park

Seoul , South Korea


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