Ahh time to relax….

The storm has passed and I can finally rest easily.. kind of.

We’ve all worked so hard to get to this point and I can’t believe it’s finally here! Our garments are done and we can finally start preparing ourselves for the real world! I’m happy with how my looks came out and can’t wait to shoot them for my website and portfolio! I even made little scrunchies! ^.^

I wanted to share my classmates hard work as well!

I’m so proud of all of them!

baby gurl
Sijeo’s crazy little creatures! and she won critic award <3

Heidi’s crazy, fluffy, beautiful, woven in dresses

Vic’s sensual, slinky ladies ;)

Nora’s amazing handknit sweater and dip dyed crop top!

Kathy’s INSANE handknit and incredible woven in dress… and her beautiful face

Marta’s most comfy looking handknit bobble sweater. unff

Danielle’s colorful handknit creations!

Andy’s hand dyed, spun, and knit sweater. WERK ANDY. so good

Isadoras magic hands created these handknit beauties!

and me in her beautiful cocoon coat!

Here’s a little lineup of the looks!

I don’t have pictures of everyones yet but hopefully theyre coming!

What a talented bunch they are! So happy to be workng beside each and every one of these talented young designers!

And just so you know, we all celebrated with a relaxing day in central park!

lots of pictures this time!

Will have more next time as well!

To send off here’s a picture with Marta and my little heads… and a banana


I cannot even explain how exhausted I have been lately. Every morning, like clockwork, I get up at 7:30 and make my way to school. Tons of iced coffee and sugar and a 13 hr shift later I am back in bed and setting my alarm to take on the next day. My fingers are bleeding from needles and machines, my hands are shakey, and my visions blurry. I don’t even know how many consecutive days I have been at school/work. Don’t get me wrong, the ONLY reason I can do this is because I love what I’m doing and I love seeing it finally come together. I have just a few little things to fix with my garments so I am happy and am finally back on track! Our pre-judging is Wednesday and I am starting to get really nervous. My class is really strong and have all worked so hard! I just hope I have worked hard enough to make it to judging! Anyway it works out though, I am happy with what I have done and I know I’ve worked to hard to get here so I feel accomplished!

This week I’ll grab some pics of my friends amazing work! I am so proud of all of us making it this far.. even though it meant skipping some classes and ruining our social lives..

Here’s my two looks at there current state!

I need to get them polished and ready for display so they look fancy you know?

Anyways I am going to bed .. long few days ahead and I need the only time I get for myself!


>.< Too much knitting.

There is one week until we get pre judged on our garments which means we need 90% done . Ugh. Today I think the coffee got the best of me because after about 11 hours in the knitting lab today my hands are still shaking. I was having a hard time picking up dropped stitches. It has definitely paid off though. I got a ton of my trims done today and my dress is almost completely assembled. It’s worth the shaky vision and twitching muscles.

So here is where I have progressed at this moment!

My intarsia sweater is basically done! Just need to bury some ends

I’m looking pretty great too right? ok not really

Today I also knit down a bunch of trims and linked them on the linker!

I was really scared of this machine until today when I realized it indeed is a godsend.

And finally this is where my dress has gotten after my full day in the lab!

So far I think I’m on track! As long as I can stick to my schedule and be preoductive the rest of the lab days this week I believe I will succeed at finishing!

Wish me luck

send me coffee

and sugar


*Spring Break 2013*

So I’m on day 4 or maybe 5 of Spring Break which means day 5 of being stuck at school in the knitting lab.. think I’m starting to lose my marbles. Anyways I have gotten sooo much done this week though. It is so incredibly relaxing to only have to worry about knitting this week. No class or work pressure and just knitting feels so rewarding.

This week I finished a bunch of my graphs that I need to knit down the rest of my garments. I also knit my jacquard for my dress and knit my sweater on Stoll and I am currently putting together all the pieces. Today felt useless though. I have been waking up so early every day and running to school to grab a machine that I think it is finally wearing into me. I reattached my neck trim 4 times before I got it to be what I wanted. My mind is slowly melting away and my appearance and eating habits are definitely affected as well -___-.

Can’t wait until I can just enjoy the nice weather and take care of myself again haha.

Anyways here’s where I’m at with my intarsia sweater currently!

Keep you updated for more soon!

Casting on this week

We knitwear students were lucky enough to receive a bunch of free yarn courtesy of Lion Brand and we received a bunch of it on Wednesday!
Here are some of the yarns that I got and spun onto some cones to be ready for the machines!

There’s some really beautiful, soft mohair in there. mmmm soft

Then I started testing out some of the yarns on the brother machine.

This weekend though I was able to get back on the stoll machine and knit down my intarsia to find out how it would run. After a long morning of setting up the program and machine, I finally got to knitting on the machine only to find that there were a few glitches leaving my first knit down with a bunch of holes and runs, but, of course, nothing’s ever perfect on the first try now is it? With some fine tuning and revision of yarns I was able to come up with something! There are still a few dropped stitches and the yarns will be a little different but it’s a step in the right direction!

Hopefully I will be able to program my sweater into this computer this week and knit it down soon with my cotton yarns!

Time is winding down so quickly already and things are so busy trying to find time for school, interning, and working… or daydreaming about what I’m going to do after school or thinking about how nice is must be on a sunny and foreign coast right now.
I digress
Just hope I have enough coffee to make it through these next few weeks!