No Time for Break!

Hello everyone,

I am a sportswear senior, and currently working on my senior collection as well as all my fellow seniors are on track of. The spring break has finally come, however I cannot say that I am taking this time for having a vacation. Still, it fells like we have a space between classes to focus on our work and think clearly. I recommend you who are staying at campus and in the city to take good rest, and progress in their work, which is what I am doing. Don’t let internships, cold weather and cold or flue to take you down!

The previous weeks we had our critic’s visit, and the model fitting, and I assume everyone is almost (or more) half way through. I started seeing too many interesting works. We have too many talented people at FIT, so it is quite interesting to be involved in this event, and witness the process of these beautiful garments from start to the show time. Here are some images I took while we were having our model fitting. Our professors are helping a lot, and also, Prof. Paula Varsalona are visiting the classes from time to time to help us on our draping and pattern work. And here’s a tip, she is on campus for a little time during the spring break, so if you are at school and need some help, you may take advantage of this!

Hope everyone have a peaceful and healthy break and come back as eager to work as they can!