Future of Fashion show

Hello my lovely followers this week is all about the future of Fashion show. As you all know already (from my countless times repeating it) the show was May 1st 2014. I was lucky enough to share this experience with great friends and family including my parents and fiancé who were able to attend the 4pm show with me. It was an absolutely nerve wrecking, butterflies in my stomach, jumping out of my seat with excitement kind of feeling (yes all of those feelings were wrapped up into little old me).  I had never had so many mixed feelings and thoughts running through my mind all at once before but this was definitely one of those moments; What if the shoes I bought my model didn’t fit her?, What if my zipper gets stuck when they’re dressing her?, What if (BOTH) sets of stockings rip? There were so many What if’s running through my mind but I had to calm myself and forget what COULD happen and focus on what WAS happening. I enjoyed watching the entire show and as the final childrenswear garment walked back I knew my garment was next. I was so pleased with how my model looked her hair was fabulous, her shoes fit, and the stylist even used the headpiece I made for her!

The show was truly amazing and I’m so honored to be a part of such a talented graduating class. As far as I’m concerned Intimate apparel always leaves the audience breathless, there are so many details to take in. Don’t believe me see for yourself you can find the link to watch the full show HERE


As for now here are some photos of the intimate apparel garments that hit the runway:



I hope you Enjoyed! Let me know what were some of your favorite pieces from the show! (I definitely liked a lot of the Knitwear)

xoxo Cristina


The Future of Fashion is here!

Today is the day many of the Seniors have been patiently waiting for (as well as working their butts off for!) The Future of Fashion show will be today, one show at 4pm and the other at 7pm and  although it may be a cloudy rainy day we are all optimistic for this afternoon/evening! I’m excited to share my garment along with my parents who will be attending todays show with me and I know many of my other family members will be tuning in at 7PM to watch the live streaming of the show (believe me I will too, considering the fact they have the best view in the house!!) Well Fingers crossed it all goes well!

photo (7)


This is the pretty EPIC invitations we received (LOVE the pop of color!)

For now heres a photo of the awesome invites, hopefully professional photos will be posted soon, and I’ll make sure to take some myself!

xoxo Cristina

Model Fitting!

Hello fashion lovers! Today’s post will be short sweet and to the point.

Yesterday April 24th, was the Future of Fashion shows model fit session. The list of time slots of each student was posted outside of b701 Wednesday afternoon in preparation for the fittings. My time slot luckily was among the first group of students to begin fitting. Granted I’ve helped with my share of fashion shows, dressing etc so I had mentally prepared myself for the stress and anxiety of model fit day. I have to say in retrospect I think I did pretty well; but I wont lie, it was extremely stressful. Professors, Models, and stylists walking in and out of the room. Having to walk our model to a second room for styling then walk her back for photographs.

Overall I’m SOOOOO grateful that my model Luize fit almost perfectly into my garment! Sadly we weren’t allowed to take photos of the model fittings (especially in our lingerie pieces) but make sure to tune into the show May 1st on the Future of Fashion Website at 7pm! I’m so excited to see everyones work come to life on the runway!!


Until next time! xoxo Cristina

Final Judgement !

Hello all! First of all I would like to apologize for being M.I.A for the past 2 weeks. It has been so crazy and hectic these past couple of weeks. Last blog I had mentioned that pre judging would be going on to decide which garments would make it to the great hall for judging day, well that day came and went as quickly as these couple of weeks have. Luckily My first Ensemble was selected to go down to the great hall for judging.

Ok fast forward a week it’s now Monday April 21st, set up day for judging day. We all arrived in the great hall anxious and ready to prepare our garments for final judgment. I must say this was a nerve wrecking experience because once our set up was done everything we had been working on for the past couple of months was completely out of our control at that point. Judging was done Tuesday morning and students were allowed into the great hall again 2pm. We were given certificates of achievement for making it to the great hall and then the waiting began. We all waited….and waited…and waited……and waited some more. Until finally at around 6:30pm the list was posted. I contemplated going up right away or not but finally i got up to check if all my work had finally paid off. To my surprise I was chosen to show in the Future of Fashion show and I’m so proud to be able to show my work amongst some of the most talented group of classmates I know.

Honestly these past couple of weeks have been the most stressful weeks of my career at F.I.T but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Here are some photos of the amazing presentation the Intimate apparel girls put on in the Great Hall! Everyones garments were exquisite and I’m so proud to be in such a talented and creative class.

photo (5)My Second Look Completed and Set up for Pre-Judging

photo (1)Standing Proudly alongside my Ensemble!

photo (2)Danielle’s Critic Award Winning Garment! The Color Sense is AMAZING!

photo (3)

L:Lauren M:Lauren R:Katherine

photo (4)

L:Demi M:Demi R:Sarah

photo (5)

L:Christin M:Marie R:Marie

photo (6)

L:Melanie M:Brittany R:Brittany

photo (7)

L:Rachel M:Veronica R:Veronica

photo (8)

L:Vianna M:Danielle R:Sohpia

photo (9)

L:Sophia M: Cristina (Me) R:Avery

photo (10)L:Avery LM:Avery RM:Taryn R:Taryn

xoxo Cristina


D-Day approaches

April 9th…. Our dreaded deadline date is approaching us faster than ever. This is our last full weekend to drape, sew, applique, bead, etc. We’re all pretty much in a zombie state at this point since many of us have liberal arts classes to take in addition to our internships. I know it’s going to be a rough couple of days until we make it to that deadline date but afterward we’re all looking forward to getting a little rest because Spring break is also approaching and the weather is finally looking up for a change! For the first time in weeks I was able to wear a jacket instead of a huge parka when running my errands to the garment district (trust me it makes a difference; if you’ve ever walked around the city on 7th ave. you’d know what I’m talking about…).

In other news, as far as my progression on my looks for my senior thesis collection I finally feel like I’m at a good point on my second look. After days of searching for the perfect trims for my second look I was finally able to come to an agreement with my professor as to how to finish my baby doll’s skirt. Although these were a couple of frustrating days, I can look back and appreciate the hardships because I know once I get into the industry I won’t always have it my way and I will have to make compromises without sacrificing the integrity of my garments. I had to push myself and come up with solutions as to how to stay true to my design and still please my professor. In the end I’m still happy with my design and I finally got her on board with it.

As far as my first look is concerned I’m still in the process of putting the finishing touches on, mainly the applique of 8 yards of French Chantilly lace onto silk chiffon and adding Swarovski crystals to my cups and straps of my bodysuit.

I can’t believe it’s all finally coming together, Graduation is quickly approaching and I know these next couple of weeks are going to begin to fly by even faster. It’s scary to realize how close we all are to finishing school, we’ve already ordered cap and gowns and we’re well on our way to being one step closer to our careers. As the next couple of weeks pass by I’m going to try to savor my final days as a student as much as possible. OK – END of emotional sob story. In all seriousness I just want to wish all the BFA students luck on their garments! I’m sure we’re all going to put on a great show for the judges.


P.S. Here are some more progress photos, Enjoy!!


The Process of deciding on trims and Straps….Felt like a never Ending Processphoto (1)


photo (2)



Final Trim I ended up finding and Dyeing for my Garment
photo (4)Sneak Peak of how it’s going to be used <3

photoHere’s a quick update on my First Ensemble Skirt — Still Hand sewing….

XoXo Cristina