Critic Profile – Stacey Tester

← Critic Award Winners: Stacey Tester With a career spanning over 20 years, Stacey Tester is highly regarded as a knitwear designer and creative consultant and counts luxury brands such as Coach, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, tse Cashmere, Richard Chai, Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Tom Scott, and Cloak among her collaborators. In NovemberContinue reading “Critic Profile – Stacey Tester”

Critic Profile – Sophie Theallet

← Critic Award Winners: Sophie Theallet Sophie Theallet creates clothes that stand alone in today’s Fashion. The only path she follows is her own, as each new collection is an evolution of the last, built around Sophie’s singular vision and mastery of craft. Her signature is a panaché of femininity, ease, sensuality and craftsmanship thatContinue reading “Critic Profile – Sophie Theallet”

Critic Profile – Sergio “Celestino” Guadarrama

← Critic Award Winners: Sergio “Celestino” Guadarrama Sergio “CELESTINO” Guadarrama is creating the world of CELESTINO with precisely crafted, sustainable, and fashion-forward women’s, bridal, and men’s collections. Established in 2005, the company unites classical couture techniques with innovative concepts, upcycled luxury fabrics, and unconventional details to create the aesthetic of CELESTINO. The CELESTINO atelier pridesContinue reading “Critic Profile – Sergio “Celestino” Guadarrama”

Critic Profile – Kobi Halperin

← Critic Award Winners: Kobi Halperin For the women who “celebrate getting dressed every day,” Kobi is known for his unique designs and his love for details. Deeply inspired by his Eastern European roots and heritage, Kobi’s collections are marked with a feeling of warm tradition felt in the handcrafted touch and workmanship that embodyContinue reading “Critic Profile – Kobi Halperin”

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