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Yesterday was FINALLY the day we’ve all been waiting for! This past 4 years at FIT was certainly filled with blood, sweat, tears, and EVERYTHING in between. I’ve met not only the most amazing and supportive faculty and staff but also my peers! Design students especially are the most hardworking and dedicated students I know. We’ve all worked so hard to reach this moment! It may seem like the end but it’s only just the beginning!

we made it!

some of the knitwear students!

some of the knitwear students!

As my final blog post, I just want to thank everyone that followed me through this crazy journey, even just for a bit!

Til next time, for sure!

last day in the knit lab EVER!

This past Wednesday was our final class in the knit lab EVER! (for those in Seiz’s block at least) It’s surely been a whirlwind of a semester, let alone an entire year! I’m not even sure where to start about how much we’ve all been through, learning and growing as knitwear designers so I’ll just keep this short and sweet.

Seiz's class with Nick!

Seiz’s class with Nick!

We owe a huge thanks to Professor Seiz and Nick, our Stoll lab technician as well as Professor Grealish, Katherine our other Stoll lab technician, and Norbert our Dubied lab technician. Without them we wouldn’t have the guidance and expert advice on all things related to knitwear. THANK YOU!

What would I do without Nick & Seiz!?

I’ll admit I will miss the knit lab at FIT, my second home for the year! We’ve had our ups and downs in the knit lab but in the end many great things came out of being there.

On another note, I’m so fortunate to have been able to share my time with my fellow knitwear students! We’ve all become so close to each other and created a bond despite the fact we are all trying to make it in this industry. As Professor Seiz mentioned, it’s great to keep your friendships and connections in the industry as who else would you rather want to work with than someone who’s work ethic you already know about?

I can’t believe we’ve really made it to the end, but it’s really just the beginning!

Til next time!


swatch books!

Making swatches is a key part of the creative development process in knitwear. It allows you to play with different yarns, textures, and stitches. Although technical, it still allows for tons of creativity. With knitwear, not only do you design the silhouettes but you essentially create your own fabric as well. We get double the work!

What I personally love about knitwear is that the possibilities are nearly endless. You can do the same kind of stitch but use different yarns and each time get a completely different look and feel and vice versa.

Over the course of our senior theses we’ve done a lot of swatch development. One of our final projects was to compile them into a portfolio book, so here’s a peek of mine as well as a few other students! Our swatches were made on a variety of machines: the Stoll computer machines, Brother machines, Dubied machines, and hand knit!


Til next time!