Pre-Judging Day

News: So wednesday seems to be the big day, the pre judging day. Unfortunately,  Diane Von Furstenberg will not be there to choose the critic’s award winner, which is…very disappointing. However, Neil will be there, and he has been helping us a lot. I can’t upload any pictures right now, but I’ll try later. Ok, back to work.


Materials can really define your work and style, and for me, leather is one them. I am very particular when it comes to textures and colors and it is very hard to find what I like because leather seems such an uncontrollable material. However, that is the very reason I love it so much.

There are a few places I know where I can find good quality leather, such as Global and Libra. Global is ok — they have variety and good prices. Libra is very good — their quality and friendly staff are awesome.  Unfortunately their prices are way too high.  I have a place I always go: Aadar leather. It is the very small store on 27th btw 7th Ave and 8th Ave, and you probably walked by a million times and never realized it was there. So there is this ancient gentleman who works there, and every time I go, he lets me stay for for as long as I need to find what I am looking for. Sometimes I don’t find anything, and sometimes I find gold. The last time I was there I found the most amazing bubbly lamb, and this week I found a skin that will completely change my garment! I was in search of regular black leather, but I found this dusty-purple-brown-black lamb skin which will make my look turn from activewear from mars (which I don’t like that much) into post-apocalyptic modernist traveler run over by a stolen car.