I'm here to give you the skinny on the senior fashion show. Buckle up because you're in for a ride! A little bit about me: Positive, food LOVER, runner enthusiast, and will turn anything into an art project! P.S. I like long walks on the beach;)

Meeting with the stylist!

Hey Everyone!

     After the second round of garment selection, the next phase is meeting with the stylist and having the final model fitting for last minute alterations.

                                        photo 3 (1)


photo 2


photo 2 (1)


 Here we have a variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and shoes. Some students even brought in photos of specific shoes in mind when working with the stylist to perfect their look.


photo 1 photo 3


Just another view backstage as the model fittings continue…..

Stay tuned!



Some updates!

Hey Everyone!

Just some updates as we approach the show…………

    photo 3-3

After months of preparation and spending most of spring break preparing for the first round of garment selection, we all gathered a took a breather while waiting for the critic, Nicholas K.

photo 4-2photo 2-3photo 1-3

After the first round, we made our way down to the Great Hall to setup for the final round of judging. Accompanying us were our professors’ and their mystery bag of tricks including breast pads, safety pins, tissue paper, and bubble wrap……..basically anything to assist in displaying our garments for the judges.

photo 3-2 

photo 4photo 4-1

Once set up was complete, we had the opportunity to invite friends and family to view our pride and joy!

photo 3-1

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Take a break and bake!

Stress Relief

Whether it’s hitting the gym, going out with friends, or eating a pint of rocky road while watching A Walk to Remember; take that time for yourself to refresh and recharge. I find that when you step back and take a moment to breath you’ll be ready to move on and climb that next mountain!

Personally, I like to bake to relieve stress. My love of food really stems from growing up in large loud Croatian family, where food always comes first!   

Watch the clip below as I bake the traditional Croatian Holiday Nut Bread, Povatica, with my family on this glorious Sunday afternoon!





Click below for the recipe!!


Until next time!


Girls Gone Leather

Welcome to Global!

253 West 35th Street, New York, NY 10001


Global Leathers, located in the garment district, is probably one of my favorite places in NYC. It houses aisles and aisles of skins and exotic furs. I could get lost for hours just feeling the different textures and smelling the skins. It is funny to think that we associate a certain smell with leather. It is actually just the dyes and chemical treatments given to the skins to prevent them from decomposing.                 

IMG_1242     IMG_1243

Furs: fox, chinchilla, mohair, mink, lamb

When buying these materials for our senior collection, they are sold by the skin rather then by the yard.  Each skin is priced by the square foot depending on the size and quality of the material.


You can even find pre-cut leather trims. This is really great if you don’t want to go through the trouble of making your straps or if don’t have enough material length wise.

IMG_1277      IMG_1238

I like to bring my trims along with me just to get an idea of how the materials are going to work together. Deciding on which materials you are going to use is just like preparing your ingredients for baking. Sure basil is a great additive when making a tomato salad, but you would never want to add it to a cheesecake. The same can be said for sewing. Two items make be great on their own but will they work atheistically for your finished garment is the question you have to ask yourself.


Also check out the sale section on your way out. You can find decent skins for a very reasonable price. You never know what will catch your eye for inspiration!

Until next time!


Just another day in the life….



Here we are on the tip of the iceberg, getting ready to gear up for the journey that awaits.

Just remember when one door closes, open a window!


IMG_1292           IMG_1290

Rachel and Alessandra begin to edit their patterns and transfer them to slopers. Perfecting ones patterns from the start paves theway for smooth sailing , especially when you are making a technical garment. Having a solid foundation saves time spent on careless mistakes, and provides you with theconfidence to sew a beautifully constructed garment.

We were blessed to have a surprise visit from Professor Groner. She specializes in sewing leather and fur,and has many helpful tips and tricks on how to sew these materials. Here she is giving Rachel advice on the best way to laser cut the leather.




As Kate prepares to cut her fabric, Professor Charifova assists with cutting the direction of the stripes.

Olivia is focused and ready to cut as well.


And sew it begins…..

Until next time!