And so, Spring break was soon over. I did not have a real break, I went to a couple of internviews, and the other days at my internship. It’s quite sad, but in fashion, vacations are not a priority. There is always something to do, and everything is so time consuming that you end up not having time off…. and when you do, you start to think about your next project, and that can keep you awake!

This week was fitting week. On Monday, some of us waited the entire day for models to show up! One of my models never showed up (she went back to Brazil, they said. I don’t blame her), so I was rescheduled for Wednesday. OMG, these girls are so beautiful and amazing that they can make ANYTHING look incredible. I am keeping myself from posting pictures of the fittings, you will enjoy the runway pics very soon!

Here is a video, of Layne. I think Layne is terrific and she made the most incredible hand embroidery work ever. STUNNING. I love her style, it’s so vivid! Enjoy Dream Weavers, her final collection.


Pre-judging and Judging days

Pre-judging and Judging day!

Last Monday was a stressful day! After spending the night finishing to knit my collar, I had a 45 minutes nap before getting in a cab and heading to school. We all put our our outfits on dress forms and waited for our critic Reiko to pre-judge our looks. We left the classroom for an hour, the time she needed to carefully look at every-one’s work and choose a critic award winner, and eventually deselect some looks for the judging day.
We all came back, dead tired, waiting to quickly pack up our things and have a little nap.
Reiko said she was very impressed with our class and our designs. We went much further than the expected. She would have liked to give many of us an award and added that it was very hard to pick a single one.
The winner was announced, and to a big surprise, it was me! So kudos for that. I am very happy to be the winner – as I have never won any fashion prize or award before. She added that the reason she picked me was that everytime I met her, I had developed my ideas. Also, I seriously listened to all her advices, stepping back from my original ideas and design, looking at my work from an objective point of view, and changing what needed to be changed. Indeed, at the beginning of the process, I was experimenting with plastic very much. I wanted to “glue” plastic bags directly onto my fabrics with latex. The idea was interesting, but not looking as attractive as it may sound. I had many ideas, but eventually, they were all over the place. A few weeks before I started knitting the final fabrics, I decided to change the colors and leave behind anything that looked too “crafty”. I still used the plastic, but knitting black garbage bags.

On Tuesday night, we set up all of our pre-selected outfits in the great hall at school. They were judged for the fashion show (May 4th) and a cotton award was chosen for each specialization track. My roomie and friend Elin got the knitwear cotton award with her amazing cotton paper handknit jacket.

Now it’s spring break and we are looking forward for some chill time! Take care and enjoy the pictures!

And one more week to go!

Most of us didn’t sleep from Sunday to Monday and those who have, I bet it’s not much!

We all brought our outfits on Monday morning and showed them to Reiko, our critic and professor Skocir, our collection mentor. We met upstairs, on the third floor (we call it the draping room) instead of downstairs, our knitting lab. In the draping room, every student has two forms and can put the outfits and present them to the critic and the professor. This our last week before judging day!!! Reiko and P.Skocir carefully looked at our work and gave us final suggestions. By next Monday, everything has to be ONE HUNDRED % finished!  Of course, we are about to flip out, but surely not as much as the other knitwear class who has everything due TOMORROW!!! I can’t wait to have a look at what they are doing!


In the meanwhile, enjoy those pictures. I will post an entire gallery next week, and will focus on presenting some of students work. At the moment, everything is still a work in progress and everything can change until the last minute!

Knitting Plastic

Hand knit knit knit, go for a run, hand knit knit knit, have a nervous break down laugh on the couch, and go back to knit! That resumes my week-end!
I am glad that it was sunny, I got to enjoy some of the sun as I ran across Greenpoint’s cool avenues and streets.
It is now Monday morning, 8:30 AM, me and my roomate Elin (she also is in knitwear, final year), are already in the knit lab. We could feel the pressure as people walked in. We merely have a few weeks left and crazyness is upon us. Each and every student has to deal with different sorts of issues. Unfortunately, machines are over-booked for the weeks to come, and we all have to use our time wisely!

Here is a bit about my inspiration and what I am doing:

versus Nature.
It all started on a sailing vacation. I kept seeing pop color supermarket plastic bags on the beaches. I thought it was very interesting to analyze the paradox “plastic versus nature”,  and how, inevitably, plastic bags become part of our every day landscape scene. I did some trials over the Christmas break, and decided that, indeed, I would want to continue researching and experimenting with plastic.

I started my research looking at landfills in Cambodia and Brazil. What I found to be interesting is that, seen from far, plastic landfills can be very colorful and charming.
I started to collect all sorts of plastic bags, and denim as well. Cotton denim, which is a natural fiber, is in fact, a very polluting one. Entire river ecosystems are being destroyed in china because of waste denim discharge from the factories.

And so, I have tried to manipulate plastic with knitwear.
I glued plastic bags with liquid latex on top of machine knitted fabric.
I knitted “plastic jacquards”.  Jacquard is a machine knit fabric that has a print knitted in. At school, we can only use a maximum of 4 colors, so I have re-worked photos of plastic garbage, and narrowed down the colors to 4 on photoshop, and running the image as a jacquard.
I experimented knitting the actual plastic bags, and introducing denim and a mixture of natural fibers. The results were pretty awesome and I decided to make an entire coat from it!
And…I did dozens of other experiments, but no all were successful, so I am only talking about the cool ones :-*



Here is a picture of some of my swatches, the left one is plastic turning into denim and other natural fibers, the middle one is a pop jacquard made from picture of plastic bags, and the one on the right is a Dubied machine lacey fabric I created last year.