Stylist 2022 – Oliva Loy

Olivia Loy is a celebrity stylist, artist, and designer. Most recently she has worked alongside April Roomet styling Nas and Usher. She is currently creating a peer-to-peer stylist program, Friends of a Stylist, a sustainable and eco-conscious clothing rental company.  Olivia Loy works alongside her styling team Ricardo Mcleod and Tanaya Chambers.

Critics 2022 – Danielle Elsener

Danielle Elsener has dedicated her life’s work to proving zero-waste as a valid and robust design model. For over a decade, she has learned from industry, educational institutions, and self-run initiatives to understand how best to do this. What began as a love for puzzle solving through zero-waste patternmaking, became a way to fix theContinue reading “Critics 2022 – Danielle Elsener”

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