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COVID-19 forced companies and educational institutions to ramp up use of 3D design software. In 2020, Assistant Professor Amy Sperber offered training to 64 FIT students in one such program, CLO 3D. Students used it to render their garments in a virtual space and bolster their portfolios with 3D animated designs. This year, the department made CLO 3D training available to all Fashion Design BFA students in their final semester.

This gallery features a selection of 3D fashion artwork created by students in the class of 2021.

Tamanna Jain

AXIAL, a vision of the future, where every life form thrives in independence and co-existence at the same time. Wildflowers bloom in the dark. They become a means of expressing the boldness of the person without any hesitation.
Hand-beaded organza leaves are individually stitched on the mermaid gown.

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Liqian Zhang

Front view of look one as it appears in TECZZZ showroom. Jacket made of black rip-stop nylon.
Under the jacket is a tank top of a dark scarlet rayon jersey. Pants made from heat gun puckered tyvek.

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Christopher Russo

Heterochromia iris print catsuit 3D render.

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Gianna Amore

Welcome 2 Utopia, My Own Personal WorldModel wears cut-out catsuit with mesh ripple details trailing up the legs, and a floor-length organza robe complete with gloves. Circle cut-outs are embellished with merrow thread and bead detailing.

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Hawwaa Ibrahim

This look was inspired by art in the Islamic world combined with genderless fashion for children. The original prints were inspired by arabesque designs, commonly seen in Islamic art. A combination of nylon and cotton twill was used to create the jacket and pants. The Arabic words translate to “inclusive.”

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Genna Invencion

This jacket features an all-over navy, blue, and teal maze print. The jacket is designed with exaggerated bishop sleeves and a gathered peplum hemline. Also featured are the short-length notch collar and button closure on the front.

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Sarah Asmus

A full-front view of this glam red bodysuit is made of silk charmeuse, black lace, and dotted mesh. The bodysuit features a keyhole neckline with a high-neck lace overlay. It is paired with a red chiffon skirt that has ruffles at the bottom and finished with a black satin ribbon.

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Thiago Tamura

“I Touch Myself with Gloves to Feel Someone’s Touch.”

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Ana Shachter

My designs explore poignant allure through the juxtaposition of weapons and delicate fabrics showcasing my own personal aesthetic. This dress is made from white and blue denim fabric, with an embellished corset. The embellishments are flowers that I made from bullets and fabric.

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Sara Alipour

My collection is inspired by my Iranian heritage, and juxtaposes elements of Iran before and after the Islamic Revolution.

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Yewon Kim

Inspired by the flow of egg yolk, the handknit sweater was knit with wool blend yarns of varying textures and merged with tulle to accommodate the transparency and fluidity of egg yolk. The fully fashioned crème skirt was designed using the Stoll M1 program and knit on the Stoll machine.

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Victoria Chuzhina

Detail shot of 3D-printed top made of ABS filament on power mesh. Sixty-eight individually printed pieces organically draped and handsewn to shell, and the short.

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Chaya Schwartz

Inspired by the symbolism of strength seen in a men’s frock coat, and the idea of white representing purity. Merged are the traditional objectives of men’s and women’s dress.

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Jinjing Lin

My collection ‘ WE ROBOT ’ narrates a fantasy about how all humankind is artificial intelligence robots. I explored tech yarns such as UV color change or antibacterial yarns and sustainable yarns like bamboo or Bazelon throughout my design process to show what future knit will be like on humanoids.

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