3D Gallery 2022

COVID-19 forced companies and educational institutions to ramp up use of 3D design software. Starting in 2020 FIT offered optional training to students in one such program, CLO 3D. Students used it to render their garments in a virtual space and bolster their portfolios with 3D animated designs. This year, the department made CLO 3D training available to all Fashion Design BFA students in their final semester.

This gallery features a selection of 3D fashion artwork created by students in the class of 2022.

Katrina Ahuja

Reconstructed Beauty focuses on overlooked things. Abandoned spaces, covered with graffiti, is the inspiration of this look. The concept is further inspired by the forgotten heroines of WWII, brave spies, pilots, messengers, and radio wave operators who did valiant work that is rarely recounted. All the garments in this look have been upcycled from vintage garments, giving them a new life. The upcycled clothing is a reminder that there is often great beauty in things that have been forgotten.

Student Portfolio

Graham Williams

Dino Day at the Beach showcases an experience I had as a toddler where I lost my favorite dinosaur-printed ball on the beach during a storm. It was my first experience with loss in life, and it has been etched into my memory since that day. This memory has since turned into a hilarious one in my young adult life as opposed to a traumatic one from my childhood. With a custom dinosaur print I created myself, this thesis reflects childlike design, color, and attitude from my toddler mind.

Student Portfolio

Gianna Nepola

AXIAL, a vision of the future, where SERTRALINE, the collection, represents the feeling of being suffocated by the social pressures that feel so prevalent in my mind. Although confident, there comes a humility with putting your personality out for society to judge.
SERTRALINE places an emphasis on my struggles with general anxiety disorder and seasonal depression. Wanting to be colorful and confident all while simultaneously wanting to disappear.
Full disclosure, I am not a “pink person.”

Student Portfolio

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