Faculty Profile – Sandra Ferrara

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The philosophy “technical knowledge is creative power” shaped the course of Sandra Ferrara's design journey. During her early career designing sweaters, only minimal access to innovative development technology was available in the design room. Determination to work in an environment that harnessed the creative power of technology compelled her to launch Knit Concepts NYC.
Knit Concepts NYC began during a time of enormous innovation and technological advancement in knitting machine capabilities and systems and textile CAD software. Strong partnerships allowed Ferrara the unique opportunity to explore, learn, and utilize this technology to achieve her goal of designing in an environment, harnessing this creative power.

FIT’s design students’ talent, desire to learn, and apply technology is unsurpassed. Ferrara's opportunity to share her knowledge with these gifted emerging designers has become the most rewarding and fulfilling period of her career; being their mentor during their thesis journey has been a great honor.

What did you find unique about this year's class?
What I found unique about this year’s class was their determination to stay true to themselves and their vision.

Do you have any advice for the graduating class?
My advice is to explore all possibilities, laugh often, and, of course… work smarter not harder to allow more time for creating!

What is your favorite part about being a professor?
My favorite part about being a professor is that I never stop learning and evolving because these amazing students are constantly pushing creative and technical boundaries which inspires me to update my approach and discover new solutions.

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