Moon Chang

Moon Chang is a fashion designer based in New York City. Her eponymous brand, Moon Chang NY, was born of her love for her black french bulldog, Venus.
With the dog as her muse, Chang finds further inspiration in the city’s boundless fashion culture. Her exquisitely crafted, otherworldly designs explore duality by combining couture with street fashion in unexpected ways.

Moon Chang NY creates a seasonal ready-to-wear collection for people and pets, using couture sewing, tailoring techniques, and sustainable materials, so that customers can mix and match with their dogs. The brand strives to cut excessive waste and promotes sustainable, ethical business practices through circular design and production.

Chang earned an MFA in Fashion Design from FIT in 2019 and upon graduation was awarded a SUNY medal. She debuted her line in New York Fashion Week 2020. Since then, her designs have racked up rave reviews in the press and numerous awards and honors.

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