Nicola Ryan

Originally from the United Kingdom, Nicola Ryan grew up just outside of London and studied in the North of England, completing a work placement in the Scottish Highlands with the renowned designer and handmade shoemaker Paul Harnden.
After completing her honors degree, Ryan relocated to London, where she continued to explore quality craftsmanship, working predominantly in leather alongside Nigel Hatter Preston at Maxfield Parrish and contributing to projects for esteemed brands such as Holland and Holland, Mulberry, and Vespa. Ryan’s career then took her to New York City. She spent 16 years designing at Ralph Lauren, where she specialized in outerwear, leather, and rugged/heritage products; refined her expertise; and made significant contributions to the brand’s collections. After leaving Ralph Lauren, Ryan transitioned into consulting, leveraging her knowledge of menswear and women’s wear as well as her expertise in outerwear and leather. She has collaborated with Buck Mason and is currently consulting for men’s and women’s outerwear at Faherty Brand.

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