Traci Reed

Traci Reed is the founder and creative director of Knit Resort, a luxury knitwear development and design studio established in 2018. An alumna of New York University and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Reed has built a formidable career in knitwear.
Prior to starting her own studio, she worked at influential brands such as Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, and Tory Burch, as well as at prestigious knitwear studios Knit Resource Center and Stoll America. Her journey has taken her from a modest studio in Manhattan to an expanded facility in Queens, equipped with advanced Stoll computerized machines and heritage equipment alike. Having trained with New York’s most respected knitwear experts, she believes in sharing skills and fostering young talent, encouraging and mentoring those who come through her doors.

With a focus on craftsmanship and dedication to excellence, Reed has positioned Knit Resort as a leading authority in luxury knitwear, and a rare domestic destination for innovative development. She credits the success of her business not only to providing excellent knitting, but also to the mutual respect and relationships she shares with her clients. Notable clientele include Michael Kors Collection, Thom Browne, Bode, Et Ochs, Theory, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Altuzarra, Calvin Klein, Cotton Incorporated, Guest in Residence, and High Sport, among many others. High profile projects include two Met Gala VIP looks, custom knitting for the Venice Biennale, and an exclusive partnership with cutting-edge material developers Keel Labs.

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