Gallery 2021 – Abigail Ohene-Kyei

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Photo 1

This collection “Abusua Pa,” translates as “a good family” in Akan culture. Every separate represents a member of my family and this look consists of three of them. The Maame belt (mother), the Bawaa Skirt (sister) and the Tweneboah Shirt (sister). The pearls are a representation of myself.

A closeup of the Maame belt: basket weave on each side with a patch work on the front, symbolizing strength in unity

Photo 3
Photo 3

Front view: This collection also represents the unity of the luxuries from the west with the use of pearls and those from Ghanaian culture using Kente and linen fabrics.

Photo 4

The Tweneboah Shirt shows off exaggerated sleeves and collar, the Bawaa skirt balances this with its simplicity and the Maame belt pulls it all together.

Photo 5

Three-quarter view: voluminous and fun belt strap of the Maame belt works together with the Tweneboah shirt and the Bawaa skirt to emphasize the beauty of our differences.

Abusua Pa (a good family). The family is like the forest — if you are outside it is dense; if you are inside, each tree has its own position.

Meet the Designer

Tenewaa (Abigail Ohene-Kyei)


Three years ago, I moved to New York from Ghana, West Africa, with hopes of learning more about fashion and people. Growing up, we moved often, and it was during our stay in Malawi that birthed my interest in fashion.  Back home, creative fields were not deemed respectable and I was always told to focus on getting straight A’s. In Malawi, extra-curricular activities were highly encouraged, and clubs like art, drama, and calligraphy were available to me. I learned to focus on my strengths, and designing was my strength. Fashion allows me to express myself freely through sketches and garments. It has given me a sense of sureness and I’ve grown bolder through it. Sportswear touches everything and gives me that freedom to master the basics and strongly move in every direction, which makes it easier for me to truly express myself in every way.

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