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Abraham Azamy


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Photo 1

The concept of this look was based on sex appeal as a suggestion rather than an obvious statement.   Focusing on the playfulness of undressing and the subtle illusion of skin exposure. The intention is to give the wearer the power to be provocative in a way that is subtle and refined. 

Photo 2

The dress consists of a top and skirt made of a double-knit wool; the under-layer is made of a milliskin nylon spandex.

Photo 3

The design appears as a two-piece ensemble. There is a minimalist approach that adds a light, humorous twist.

Photo 4

A side view of the skirt pulled past the hips, and the top pulled up, is meant to showcase the garment’s gathered effect.

Photo 5

I wanted to create the luxury of choosing when to be seductive or reserved.

Meet the Designer

Abraham, Azamy

Abraham Azamy

Mission Viejo, California

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My love for design has always been rooted in wanting to help women look and feel strong. At a very young age, I witnessed the power of clothing and its ability to transform how others see us, and most importantly, how we want to see ourselves. Fashion plays a significant role in how I can show appreciation to the women in my life who have continuously inspired and encouraged me as a creative. I hope I am provided with the opportunity to share my gratitude by dressing them in clothes which help ignite their power and amplify their confidence.

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