Gallery 2021 – Alayna Langan

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Alayna Langan


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Photo 1

Small town Aiken, South Carolina, abounding in equestrian history and equine events, was the inspiration for my collection. This look features a jacquard pattern riding coat worn over a handknit cable sweater and a brioche handknit skirt accessorized with a hand-tooled leather belt created from recycled leather.

The fully fashioned suede back yoke is hand loomed. The harness accessory worn over the coat was handmade using recycled leather and hardware from horse tack and integrated with knit fabric.

Photo 2
Photo 3

The colorful equestrian riding coat features equine-inspired double jacquard patterns balanced with solid fashioned sleeves and a shawl collar. Leather was upcycled for seam bindings and the handmade harness accessory.

Photo 4

The hand-tooled leather belt was made from a recycled horse girth by altering the ends and joining them with an upcycled buckle. Leatherwork: Holly Spencer

Photo 5

The bay color handknit sweater was knit using sustainable mohair yarn; horseshoe cables accent body and sleeve centers. The skirt is a fully fashioned handknit 2-color brioche stitch.

This video shows this look’s equine inspiration in action. It was shot in a picturesque field in Aiken, South Carolina, with a beautiful horse named Norman.

Photographer: Mandy Whitcomb
Leatherwork: Holly Spencer
Music: Bensound

Meet the Designer

Langan, Alayna

Alayna Langan

Aiken, South Carolina

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My love for fashion design began as a child when I used to sketch silly costumes for my dolls. I have continued to stay motivated to pursue an education and career in design. I learned to sew when I was 12, and along with sewing, I was lucky to have other fine arts experiences in school. I have always loved being creative in all different ways, from sewing to art when I was younger, and most recently, through knitting. Knitwear design allows me to express my creativity with different textures and yarns and gives me the opportunity to create my own fabric, digitally, by hand, or with a machine. My design aesthetic is soft, bohemian, and feminine with classic details. I enjoy working with color, patterns, and feminine silhouettes. My inspiration is often derived from art, traveling, and my surroundings.

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