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Alexis Croker-Benn


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Photo 1

This concept is inspired by the eye condition Strabismus, or lazy eye. The design has a polyester twill notch collar coat featuring grommet and laced detailing, 100 percent cotton pants, removable silk organza overlay, mesh long sleeve turtleneck, leggings, and face mask to emphasize both the wearer’s and garments’ “eyes.” Custom printed design.

Displaying a close-up of the look. Jacket lining is visible and composed of nylon and acetate. Jacket sleeve is untied here to demonstrate versatility.

Photo 2
Photo 3

Three-quarter view of matching mesh turtleneck and leggings. Eye images for textile print were collected from close family and friends to allow the apparel to remain personal.

Photo 4

Close-up view of mesh turtleneck extended to cover everything but the eyes. Noticeable grommet details and ties to represent the anatomy of eyes. Grommets are all set by hand.

Photo 5

Front view with jacket closed. Three large grommets link together the belt, while one secures it in place. Sleeve silhouette made to represent rods and cones inside the human eye.

The video features a visual test chart to further establish the concept, while also providing close-up shots and a 360 view of the garments.

Meet the Designer

Croker-Benn, Alexis

Alexis Croker-Benn

Wheatley Heights, New York

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I am a first-generation Guyanese-American designer from Long Island, New York. I create high-end eccentric sportswear pieces and I gain key influences from cross-cultural experiences, which helped shaped me into the designer I am today. I grew up with a multidisciplinary background in fine arts and science, and continue to emulate those influences throughout my design work. I enjoy using vibrant color palettes to evoke emotions in my designs and I also take pleasure in stepping out of the box when it comes to fabric manipulation. Diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, and ethical practices are vital aspects in my life and my design approach. I create looks for everyone to enjoy and am devoted to being unapologetically myself.

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