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Allison Rich


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Photo 1

APOCRYPHA. This is my monastery — wool peat the color of heather and bending cattails along the Rhine. When I lift my skirts and bend the metal thread of my spine, I kneel for the light in the early mornings. I pray for these blended ceremonies.

Photographer: Amy Pollard
Model: Jordan Rich

Photo 2

SISTER. Our skirts caught the bronze shadows. Come to the river with us. We weave in white linen and whisper a language only for the ceremonies of women.

Photo 3

SACRAMENT. I offer myself chastely — high collar and long falling hems. The gathering of my pant legs ready to be hiked up for the ceremony.

Photo 4

PRAYER. My praises are silver smoke rising metallic from the hearth. Antiphons of linen and rayon are my words of ceremony.

Photo 4

COVENANT. I will make you a promise tight as my belt of gold metal wire. The thunderstorms are coming and you will need these ceremonies.

Photo 6

“THEOPHANY. The visions form geometric patterns colored heather. I knit these vespers with the smoky silver threads of my voice. Ceremony is stitched into my sleeves.”

Original poem by Jordan Rich written in inspiration from the collection.

Meet the Designer

Rich, Allison

Allison Rich

Greenwich, New York

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My passion for fashion and textiles grew from my travels as a young girl through Central America.  I had an early affinity for the arts, and fashion design was a natural choice that brought together my curiosity in design, entrepreneurship, psychology, art history, and travel.  I have always been concerned with global connectivity and ethical fashion choices which motivate my interests.  With sustainability in mind, I am conscious of sourcing natural fibers, reducing production waste, giving back to my local community, and utilizing artisan goods from around the world.  I chose to specialize in knitwear because I see knitwear as a socially conscious production method that has the most potential to fuse old-world tradition with modern technology. I believe in promoting body positivity and empowerment through my designs.  I am a cognitive designer conscious of the intricacy of the craft of fashion.

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