Gallery 2021 – Amanda Von Bergen

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Amanda Von Bergen


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Photo 1

The model wears a bustier top, ruffle skirt, and legging. Each garment is an original print: The top and skirt are inspired by butterflies; the leggings feature newspaper print.

Photo 2

A side view of the ruffle skirt featuring original butterfly print.

Photo 3

The jacket that goes with look one is shown as closed from the front view. The jacket features a harness closure of strapping that can be worn multiple ways.

Photo 4

Look one jacket, shown closed, from the back view. The jacket features a harness strap closure and chain accessory at the sides.

Photo 5

The model wears all garments made for look one: the jacket, bustier top, ruffle skirt, and jacket.

The model walks wearing the bustier top, skirt, and legging. The skirt moves, with a slight bounce to the ruffles in each step.

Meet the Designer

Amanda Von Bergen

Westminster, Maryland

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I design to redefine and break barriers within the industry. The customer I design for is an activist for change, they are unafraid to seek justice and voice their opinion. I chose sportswear because there are no real rules. I like to mix street with couture for a fresh spin on RTW. I would say my design aesthetic could be defined as “punk activism.” In my thesis collection I drew inspiration from the gospel of Jesus Christ and the artist Banksy, and incorporated graffiti and bold graphics to communicate social and political messages. In reaction to recent hate crimes, the bold activist statements in my designs are intended to wake up and inspire youth to start a love revolution.

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