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Amie Freire


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Photo 1

This look is inspired by dreamscape art: a dreamlike surrealistic scene. The wavy abstract jacquard print with textured and soft white waves colliding, ultimately resemble a dreamscape appearance. The combination of silhouettes are meant to give a feminine and streetwear look.

Adjustable ruched balloon sleeve top with high neck panel. Paired with a wavy abstract jacquard baggy print pant with adjustable ruching and waist cut outs for a more street style appearance.

Photo 2
Photo 3

A puffy feminine balloon sleeve with adjustable ruching wavy print and organza panel. Paired with a matching bucket hat upcycled from leftover fabric scraps.

Photo 4

High neck cut out detail with ruched bra top and balloon sleeves mixed with organza and wavy print.

Photo 5

The printed waves of marble crashing bring a feeling of calm comforting hues mixed with a street style high waisted wide baggy pant with adjustable ruching and waist cut outs.

Photo 6

Meet the Designer

Freire, Amie

Amie Freire

Randolph, New Jersey

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My journey as a designer started when I became tired of buying several pieces of clothing and only wearing them once because I would easily become bored. I rarely found pieces of clothing in stores that I really loved and would wear multiple times. Going into design, I always felt like I needed to be in a specific “category” and I was always nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone. I was afraid to design pieces that maybe others would not wear, but I came to learn that there is always a market out there for people that will wear your fun unique designs. The fashion world has taught me how much fabric goes to waste and motivates me to create designs that people will want to wear repeatedly. My design aesthetic is a mix of edgy with a hint of girly, not just one specific “aesthetic”.

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