Gallery 2021 – Ana Narkis Shachter

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Ana Narkis Shachter

Special Occasion

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White dress with blue embellished corset.

My designs explore poignant allure through the juxtaposition of weapons and delicate fabrics showcasing my own personal aesthetic. This dress is made from white and blue denim fabric, with an embellished corset. The embellishments are flowers that I made from bullets and fabric.

White dress with blue embellished corset.

The dress has a wide ruffled collar that resembles a cage-like structure and a free-flowing flared skirt. Together, they emphasize the juxtaposition of war and peace; the feeling of being trapped while being free.

White dress with an uneven hem and a corset.

I look at flowers as being very elegant, and I chose to follow the structure of a flower for the overall look. The uneven hem creates a flower-like shape and keeps this dress looking elegant.

Close up of the dress.

This look is very fierce and shows that intimidating things like bullets can be repurposed for other things.

2nd Close up of the dress.

The embellishments were not easy to make, but they came out looking very nice when combined with the dress and the fabric flowers.

This is a CLO 3D model of the dress with the concept idea of having only bullet flowers on the corset.

Meet the Designer

Shachter, Ana Narkis

Ana Narkis Shachter

Kibbutz Barkai, Israel
Special Occasion

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Studying fashion design was always a dream of mine. As a child, I sketched princess dresses and doodled in my notebooks. Once I finished my military service, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer and applied to FIT.  I had no experience sewing prior to my acceptance to FIT and was very surprised with the level of skill that everyone else had, but I was determined to work hard and learn from those around me. As an international student and a Non-English speaker, the journey to FIT was quite challenging, but once I was there on the first day of class it was all worth it. Now that I am finished with my degree, I am eager to pursue my next goals and further experiment with my creativity.

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