Gallery 2021 – Anabelle Hernandez

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Anabelle Hernandez

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

Model wears a one shoulder gown featuring a high-low skirt with train. Color forms a gradient from light beige to dark brown across a range of neutral tones. Fluted bias strips of fabric create a 3D texture cascading down the skirt and the sleeve.

Photo 2

“Skin” is a collection that explores the concept of imperfection. Stretch marks, scars, tattoos, cellulite. Flaws are what make each one of us unique and should be celebrated.

Photo 3

The model walks with her elbows bent and hands together, looking off into the distance. As she leans, the high-low hem of the gown flows behind her, catching the wind.

Photo 4

The skirt lays in a circle drawing attention to the ombre effect. The left side of the dress is gathered at the seam in a radiating shape from the waist.

Photo 5

Side view of the model leaning on a box, looking directly at the viewer. The skirt cascades off to the right and the gathered side seam is in full view.

Video compilation of model demonstrating the movement of the garment.

Meet the Designer

Hernandez, Anabelle

Anabelle Hernandez

Miami, Florida
Special Occasion

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My passion was sparked by the stories told by both of my immigrant grandmothers as they reminisced of their sewing days in New York City. I would listen intently to their tales, in awe of the clothes they still made for themselves, even to this day. That’s when I realized that I also wanted to create my own wardrobe. Since then, I have had a desire to pursue a career in the fashion design industry. I design because I love turning artistic ideas into reality. It brings me joy to transform a drawing into a wearable piece of art. I was drawn to special occasion design because to me, it is the epitome of wearing art. I think simplicity is the best design, and that reflects my aesthetic.

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