Gallery 2021 – Andrea Montaleza

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Andrea Montaleza

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

The single-breasted jacket dress is made from a delicate 4-ply silk crepe. Tailored to accentuate and hug the body. At waist level, two flap pockets, one on each front side, and distressed at the flap edges. The distressed technique is also applied all-around at the hem of the dress.

Photo 2

The sleeves of the dress fall to a court-train length. In a similar shade of this mythical olive green, silk chiffon is used for a delicate braiding technique.

Photo 3

The braiding technique used at the sleeves was created using delicate bias cut strips of silk chiffon. The strips fall over the shoulders and down the sleeves in uneven lengths

Photo 4

Initial sketches inspired by “Nymphs, Daughters of the Ocean.” The collection is based on Greek mythology and exhibits the beauty of mythical divinity beneath the waters.

Photo 5

Inspiration displaying the feel, color, contours, texture, and fabric techniques such as the chiffon braiding and distressed fabric.

The video showcases the final details leading to the finished garment, with a focus on the braiding technique. A process where numerous bias strips were used to create the texture.

Meet the Designer

Montaleza, Andrea

Andrea Montaleza

New York City, Queens
Special Occasion

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I have a passion for fashion design and my decision to follow this creative field started from my love for art when I was young. Thinking art had only had one route, my favorite teacher in middle school introduced me to the many different creative fields available to me.  I fell in love with fashion design, it triggered my love for designing and creating. I loved how I could express my creativity and bring my visions to life; my art was no longer flat. FIT introduced me to materials, techniques, and opportunities that helped me to perfect my skills. I specialized in special occasion because over the years I developed a design aesthetic that focused on making the women’s body look exquisite, beautiful, elegant, feminine, and unique through one-of-a-kind pieces. The delicacy of embellishments, intricacies of fabric manipulation, draping beautiful silks, and the structure of a silhouette is breathtaking.

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