Gallery 2021 – Ashna Moogi

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Ashna Moogi

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

Transpicuousity is a collection that gives the customer a freedom of expression and fluidity, using mix-and-match separates with detachable layers. When these layers are all worn together, they create avant-garde eveningwear, whereas, when these layers are paired separately or ‘layered down’ they can be worn for a more casual outing.

Photo 2

The inspiration of the transparency and sheerness for this design, along with the use of layers, was derived from images of x-rays of clothes, plants, and objects.

Photo 3

The belts, lacing, and loops are all carefully handcrafted using faux leather. These elements make each layer detachable, and also flexible so that the design is inclusive of various sizes.

Photo 4

The use of fire and heat in a controlled and careful manner gives this tulle a beautiful 3-dimensional texture. This burnt tulle is then quilted onto a layer of vinyl.

Photo 5

This design explores a contrast of traditional eveningwear fabrics such as silk wool, satin-faced silk chiffon, and silk tulle, with non-traditional eveningwear fabrics such as vinyl and faux leather.

This transformable look allows you to style differently using the same pieces. This will reduce the wastage of garments, and thus, make the collection more sustainable.

Photographer: Jude Risberg
Model: Emily Lander
Makeup: Emma Ando
Assistant: Shepherd Jin
Music: Savfk

Meet the Designer

Moogi, Ashna

Ashna Moogi

Bangalore, India
Special Occasion

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Fashion to me is much more than just clothing and appearance; it’s about how we communicate without words. The communication here, however, happens to be about personality, attitude, and aspirations. I started by transforming spare pieces of fabric into beautiful dresses for my Barbie dolls. In fact, I inherited my affinity for fashion from my mother who is a fashion designer. Watching her work and design has been a major inspiration in my pursuit of a fashion career. Over the years, fashion has cast its magic on me. I would like to use my talents to create symbols of personality, confidence, and lifestyle. I have always had a fondness for special occasion wear, and during my years at FIT this has grown even stronger. My designs have evolved to embody a blend of drama and sophistication, with hints of femininity.

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