Gallery 2021 – Ashwini Patil

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Ashwini Patil

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

Every color has the ability to influence the people around you but, when it comes to expressing confidence, excitement and energy, there is no stronger color than red. This chiffon-tulle-silk blouse, embellished with fur and feathers, projects the power of red in the most audacious way possible.

Red represents the extremes of passionate love, danger, and adventure. The diverse shades of red in the blouse and skirt demonstrate a figurative mélange of these extremes.

Photo 2
Photo 3

Entire garment creates a two-piece look projecting a potpourri of flowers, feathers, and pearls. The common thread is the multiple shades of red that infuse a powerful life force throughout.

Photo 4

Red is the color of choice of the passionate, energetic, outgoing, and courageous.

Photo 5

Could there be a better color to capture the energy and excitement of the fashion capital of the planet – New York City?

The symphony of varied textures and diverse shades of red are carried beautifully by Alison, the model. An attempt to balance the power of the apparel with grace and elegance of poise.

Meet the Designer

Patil, Ashwini

Ashwini Patil

New York, New York
Special Occasion

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From an early age, I’ve been in love with the magic of unique fabrics, gorgeous silks, expensive embellishments, and fabric manipulations. To me, working in special occasion offers the perfect creative outlet. It provides the opportunity to create ethereal, romantic fantasy looks that project confidence and glamour in women, while making them feel beautiful and special at the same time. My design aesthetic enmeshes statement pieces with fitted silhouettes that are feminine with a touch of exaggerated shapes for an ultimate edgy look. I can’t imagine myself being anywhere else, doing anything else but fashion! FIT has fulfilled my lifelong dream and prepared me for the fashion industry with rigorous high-quality training. I am confident that my rich experiences have equipped me to make integral contributions to the fashion world!

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