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Austin Nolan


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Photo 1

Inspired initially by the heel of a sock, these garments use the technique of short-rowing to create volume and shaping. Custom shaping by partial knitting allows the garments to be pre-molded to work for a body, rather than a body fitting into a garment.

Photo 2

Four-piece ensemble with knit socks. Oversized jacket over a half-Milano short. The legging is detached and separate from the short.

Photo 3

The contrasting blue vest is attached to the jacket and turns inside at the wearer’s right. The jacket collar is a half-Milano structure allowing the shape to roll and maintain the body.

Photo 4

Bralette is short-rowed to create shaping and volume in the chest, the cup is built into the stitches. Contrast mohair embroidery is hand-woven.

Photo 5

Mohair bralette and legging set are plated with mohair on the outside with wool/elastic yarns on the inside. Underwear set mimics and mocks traditional lingerie.

Model/close friend was part of the developing thesis process – from sketch to fruition. These garments were initially designed for her to fit her body.

Photographer: Stefy Lin
Model: Haixi Ren

Meet the Designer

Nolan Sanchez, Austin

Austin Nolan

Los Angeles, California

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I like to think of myself as a pragmatic person. Initially, I started in design because it was hard for me to find clothes for myself that I felt comfortable in, as a result, I made clothes out of necessity. After nearly six years of design school and two degrees, I felt as though I had mastered wovens. For me, knitwear was the next natural step since it’s all about learning a new skill set and really deals with creating your own textiles. Knitwear allows me to further explore ideas I had conceptualized that weren’t possible with wovens. I create for other trans/nonbinary folx in the queer community, I like to be personal in my work.

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