Gallery 2021 – Barbora Hierschová

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Barbora Hierschová

Intimate Apparel

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Model standing under a bridge, she wears a chest bind, panty, garter and a yellow cape.

“Road Rage” is comprised of a black organza chest bind and garter-like bottoms, with a pale yellow puff cover-up. Inspiration is drawn from highway patterns and how they appear in the environment. In this case, the loops and crosses shape themselves around the model’s curves.

Model wearing leather and organza bralette with laceup detail.

Sixty feet is the distance of this hand-sewn cording. 

Model standing in the middle of the road, raising her right hand in the air.

I’m not saying Isabel caused this traffic jam, but she definitely did not help speed it up. Be careful, it’s dangerous to look this good

Front view of model, road construction vehicle in the background

No one: Cop in the background: tHiS tUnNeL iS pRiVaTe PrOpErTy 

 Model standing at a road intersection. Stop sign, two One Way signs, and No Standing Anytime sign on the background

Photographer/Videographer: Elizabeth Costanzo
Model: Isabel Levit

Meet the Designer

Hierschova, Barbora

Barbora Hierschová

Brno, Czech Republic
Intimate Apparel

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Just like most of my classmates, I knew I wanted to become a fashion designer ever since my childhood. For me, it started with making outfits for my Barbies when I deemed their original looks boring. I have struggled to maintain that same passion and transition it into the industry, as it is many, seemingly intrinsic flaws and insufficiencies are ever-present. I often feel that there is no need for new clothes and that trends are just a tool to increase consumption. To get me into the right creative mindset, I try to think of my designs as art pieces built around a figure, instead of specific articles of clothing. This has allowed me to explore my boundaries and to try and imagine a different future for fashion, one that moves away from mass production and attempts to redeem itself and all its negative impacts on the world.

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