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Brooke Myers


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Photo 1

This look consists of a velvet bomber souvenir jacket made from antique cotton velvet drapes, a lace handkerchief bra made from vintage Austrian linen handkerchiefs, and a straight-leg trouser made from lightweight pinstripe denim. 

This look consists of a velvet bomber souvenir jacket made from antique cotton velvet drapes. The back of the jacket has “Sweetheart” screenprinted on a vintage textile doily, which is stitched onto the jacket, worn with a straight leg trouser made from a lightweight pinstripe denim.

Photo 2 - Side view of Navy velvet jacket, featuring a back patch in pink & navy that says "Sweetheart".
Photo 3

The bra was created out of handkerchiefs which were personalized to their owner, the bottom right cup features the embroidered initials: J.A.W.

Photo 4 - Back view of Navy velvet bomber, with pink satin back patch that says "Sweetheart".

The jacket has an overlapping detail around the collar and along armhole and welt pockets in the front; these details can also be seen on the trousers. 

Photo 5

The earrings were repurposed from chandelier crystals. They elevate the luxurious look. 

Meet the Designer

Myers, Brooke

Brooke Myers

Reading, Pennsylvania

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I am only inclined to give energy to things I am truly passionate about. Fashion is one of them. I am very receptive to emotions and I feel more than I would like to, but this has greatly helped me in my journey to becoming a designer. Through close observation of everyday experiences, I am able to create pieces that are familiar but distinctive. My aesthetic blends into many different opposing ideas, but ultimately exists as an exploration of different time periods and the culture of whatever place I am currently in. I aim to bring life to people through fashion, to give them the ability to choose who they want to be, even though it’s subject to change.

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