Gallery 2021 – Claudia Rojek

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Claudia Rojek

Special Occasion

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Photo 1

Back view of jumpsuit with fuchsia pleating incorporated at each side. The pleats are shown in motion as the model walks.

Photo 2

Inspired by the different emotional connotations of the color green, this image displays self-made floral glasses and hints at the innocence associated with the common phrase, “look through rose-colored glasses.”

Photo 3

Sunburst pleats are utilized to create drama and movement in this wide-legged jumpsuit. Vertical seamwork echoes the direction of the pleats with a strapless bodice and marriage of contradicting colors.

Photo 4

This garment was inspired by an investigation into the emotional context of the color green. It is often associated with growth and nature, but other definitions include envy and greed.

Photo 5

The transition in human nature between innocence (signified by the fuchsia pleats and floral face covering) to envy (signified by the green) is showcased in this garment.

Meet the Designer

Rojek, Claudia

Claudia Rojek

Wayne, New Jersey
Special Occasion

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I stumbled into design within my last year of high school. I had always wanted to pursue a degree in math because I enjoyed the process of solving equations. Fashion had always seemed to be a commercialized business that sold vanity until I learned how to sew and faced decisions that challenged every aspect of my understanding of the garment industry on a global scale. My interest in fashion design developed exponentially, and with my growing avidity, I was determined to pursue a career in design. Studying fashion design presented me with new equations to create and solve. Each decision in the developmental process wielded the power of sending me on a different trajectory, and each garment became a metamorphosis of a vision. My aesthetic has developed on the backbone of tailoring and femininity with a focus on special occasions, which is my specialization during my final semesters at FIT.

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