Gallery 2021 – Da Yeon Kim

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Da Yeon Kim


Photo 1

Close-up view of sweater with weaving techniques and fringes using various yarns and texture. The color way and overall silhouettes are inspired by the lifestyle of Nomads.

Photo 2

Sweater is a boxy silhouette inspired by Nomads, who consistently move around without fixed habitation, preferring comfortable garments.

Photo 3

Overall view of thesis look that shows the slit under the sleeve and draped knit pants with buttons on each curves.

Photo 4

Back view with see-through sleeveless top underneath the sweater.

Photo 5

Close-up view of cropped sweater with background which is consistent with my theme ’Nomadism’.

Photo 6

Cropped sweater with weaving techniques and fringes, big neck trim with grommets and strings, see-through top underneath the sweater.

Meet the Designer

Kim, Dayeon

Da Yeon Kim


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