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David James Stephens


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Photo 1

The complete look, both masculine and feminine, features monochromatic dusted lavender and metallic silver styles. The silver pebbled oversized jacket has front pockets and lacing details on collar, side seams, and back. The jacket is paired with a laced taffeta top, oversized satin short, and thigh high knit boots.

Photo 2

The taffeta top features an asymmetric hem and laced front, armholes, and back. Paired with a quilted crepe backed satin oversized short with a double drawstring waist and cargo pockets.

Photo 3

A detail shot of thigh-high drawstring boots with a soft pointed toe, made from scuba neoprene and metallic french terry.

Photo 4

Back view of the taffeta top and satin short, complete laced back on display and detachable sleeves removed.

Photo 5

Another back view with oversized short sleeves attached, the large sleeve accentuating a cinched waist.

Meet the Designer

Stephens, David

David James Stephens

Rahway, New Jersey

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I design for my love of it. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer for as long as I can remember. Growing up with five older sisters ignited my love of fashion, and the desire to dress very different women. I like to design with diversity in mind, the garments in my collections are for anyone and everyone. I chose the sportswear specialization because of the total versatility of the category, there are no limitations to what you can create in sportswear. I think my design aesthetic could be seen as a wearable ‘Science Fiction costume. I take a lot of inspiration from great Sci-Fi books, films, and art.

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