Gallery 2021 – Diana Cosajay

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Diana Cosajay


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Photo 1

Pleated ocean-inspired royal blue dress, paired with a black twill oversized jacket.

Photo 2

A puffed up dress representing crashing ocean waves.

Photo 4

Rounded oversized jacket with reversible collar.

Photo 5

Royal blue dress featuring a leather harness with adjustable straps.

Meet the Designer

Diana Cosajay

Selden, New York

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I have always been a creative open-minded person that loves to produce pieces of art that truly define women. I wanted to become a designer, because to me, fashion speaks volumes about our society, therefore giving me a voice that can be heard by many. I am a person that loves to see things come to life, and the use of color defines me as a designer. I would like to push for a sustainable fashion industry where clothing does not contribute to the destruction of our planet. Sportswear to me is the foundation of fashion. I love the fact that it includes pieces that can be worn during the day, yet can also include pieces that can be worn for nights on the town. Sportswear really has no limit in terms of design, silhouette, and feel. My design aesthetic is one that combines simplicity and experimentation in one.

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