Gallery 2021 – Ege Eysan Comcuoglu

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Ege Eysan Comcuoglu


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Photo 1 - Combination of quilted fabric and faux fur with 'NO' detail on the back.

This collection screams “No!”

Photo 2 - Patch work t-shirt dress with floral print.

Like a blooming flower, you grow out of your stem when you say “No.”

Photo 3 - Especially artificial flowers are used in the collection.

You create your only limits.

Photo 4 - Materials: Faux fur, quilted fabric


Photo 5 -Patch work t-shirt dress with longer back.

Kick those “No’s” out; don’t compromise yourself.

This clip captures the sweater and vest while illuminated. Ultimately, the whole look took approximately 60 hours to complete and I loved every second of it.

Meet the Designer

Comcuoglu, Ege Eysan

Ege Eysan Comcuoglu 


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