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Erick Garcia


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Photo 1

Blanc water repellent double-breasted raglan sleeve trench coat, featuring detachable palomino mink collar paired with a sartorial vivid blue wool gabardine suit. Inspired by bespoke tailoring, which also nods to the internal details. Keeping the unmistakable masculinity presence is of high importance.  

Photo 2

Another view of the blanc water repellent double-breasted trench coat. Irregular length on the multi-color cording finished with metal tips

Photo 3

Close up look at the lacing technique that mimics the pad stitch pattern, which can be found on the inside of a bespoke tailored jacket. White and complimentary shades of blue grommets. Multi color cording finished with metal tips.

Photo 4

Following the pad stitch pattern lacing techniques on the back of the Blanc double- breasted trench coat creates a large statement. For impact, the lacing is left hanging instead of hidden, which creates movement while walking.

Photo 5

Profile view highlighting the detachable Palomino mink collar and also the lacing technique on the raglan sleeves, which adds structure. Multi-color cording finished with metal tips

Meet the Designer

Garcia, Erick

Erick Garcia

Dominican Republic

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As a designer, I have always been inspired by menswear, particularly tailored garments and the internal construction details that feature immaculate finishes. Not only because it adds value, but it extends its life span. My objective is to make women feel powerful and confident in what they wear. Also, I want to have the freedom for the ability to explore further, to fantasize about concepts, textiles, and art.

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