Gallery 2021 – Eunkyung Choi

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Eunkyung (Adrianne) Choi


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Photo 1

This collection was inspired by the movie “Nobody Loves Me,” directed by Doris Dorrie. In it, suits are worn that identify rich versus poor. This evokes Upper-East-Side New Yorkers who have always been well-suited, while Lower East Siders tend to wear punk, raw outfits. The suit here has elements of both styles.

Photo 2

Photo 3

Asymmetrical pockets, front buttons and even the single tiny buttons on the sleeve vent are all different.

Photo 4

Model Aria is perfect for the look, fun, nonchalant but chic.

Photo 5

The garment is worn in many ways. Full-suited, hood up, or sleeve off, showing a favorite band T-shirt or with nothing underneath.

Meet the Designer

Choi, Eunkyung

Eunkyung (Adrianne) Choi

Seoul, South Korea

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As a child in New York, I dreamed of becoming a designer while watching Project Runway. I chose sportswear because I wanted to include both women’s and men’s styles. For my future brand, I want to create an androgynous collection that is never restrained by age or gender. I love combining contemporary art and graphic elements together with an unconventional twist. I would like my brand to be timeless. As a child, I always wanted to work in the art field. Watching my first catwalk, I decided that I wanted to become a fashion designer – due to the chemistry that is created between the models and the clothing. When I design collections, I always try to create a look that both my friends and I would love to wear. My aesthetic is to combine contemporary art and fashion and bring unexpected elements to the garments.

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