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Flavia L Sas-Hernando


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Photo 1

The theme of the collection is an ode to my mother, the white color represents her purity, and the bubble texture of the knits represents the bumps and struggles of life. Despite the hardships, her pureness prevails.

Photo 2

The silhouette is inspired by the traditional Romanian haystacks and the shepherd’s cloak made of sheep’s wool.

Photo 3

My mother’s faith is a large part of who she is. The braided i-cords reference the stalks of wheat that symbolize the bread of life, one of God’s attributes.

Photo 4

Short rowing created the bubble texture of the hand-loomed blouse. The neckline, cuffs, and flowers along the bottom edge are hand crochet. The pants are fully fashioned.

Photo 5

My mother’s passion for flowers is represented by the floral patterns on the 16 individual double-faced tubular jacquard panels created in the M1 program and knit on the Stoll machine.

Meet the Designer

Sas-Hernando, Flavia

Flavia L Sas-Hernando

Pertosani, Romania

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Born in communist Romania but having lived in Spain and the United States, my aesthetic was greatly influenced by all three countries.  Romania was very rigid, Spain exercised freedom of expression, while New York City was the balance between the two.  I find sophistication in minimalism with a twist that reflects my multicultural aesthetic. I believe in honoring the original cultural references while showcasing them via various social media. I place importance on responsible research to connect a wide variety of techniques and inspirations without erasing the culture or integrity of indigenous makers. I am a firm believer in sustainability and the importance of treating the Earth like we treat our own bodies. I put comfort above all and believe that there is beauty in modesty. I always look to tell a story through my clothes and through my creations, making customers feel special while living their extraordinary lives.

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