Gallery 2021 – Gabriela Reis Gomes

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Gabriela Reis Gomes


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Photo 1

Simplicity is key to this minimalist collection. It portrays nature’s hidden beauty, as seen in rock sedimentation process, especially lines that are created effortlessly. It reflects the current collective need to minimalize life.

The pleated fabric hidden behind the clean, smooth outer layer, was inspired by the lines created by the rock sedimentation processes.

Photo 2
Photo 3

Ways to manipulate the fabric and how it moves were explored and applied in order to show different characteristics of the piece.

Photo 4

This top layer portrays the beauty of minimalism as seen in the different shapes created in minimalist ways.

Photo 5

Playing with linear and curved lines in a subtle and unpredictable way similar to what happens in nature’s process.

Interaction of the garment with movement was fundamental for conceptual interpretation, as well as selecting the beautiful Portuguese landscape. From an inanimate inspiration came a lively airy look.

Meet the Designer

Gomes, Gabriela Reis

Gabriela Reis Gomes

Barcelos, Portugal

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It is quite a challenge for me to explain why I like fashion design. As an introvert by nature, fashion became a communication platform that helped me to understand those around me, and in turn, reveal a part of me to them. I could surmise a person’s personality and mood by what they were wearing. I like that fashion has that effect, and I also love that fashion has the ability to change a person’s emotions or to boost their confidence. Fashion is compelling in terms of psychology and I find that extremely fascinating. I chose sportswear for my specialization because the diversity in that area is most aligned with my being. My design style follows a minimalistic aesthetic with a tendency towards structure and tailoring. To me, simplicity is key – my focus is on the well-thought-out details. I aim to design effortless elegance.

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